How Can I Make Money Online

How Can I Make Money Online?

How Can I Make Money Online?

Have you ever asked yourself ” How can I make money online ”? You are not alone. Many people dream of being able to work from home and make money online. For the past 8 years, affiliates and internet marketers have made a combined earning of more than $2 billion annually. These are crazy numbers and its only growing. More and more people are figuring out the secrets to earning online.

Affiliate Marketing

As I have mentioned in other blogs, affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. Most affiliate programs, the good ones anyway, will provide you everything you need to promote their product or service. If your website savvy you can build your own site and optimize it to your affiliate product. This way can take a while to rank depending on the competition of your keywords but pays off in the end with fresh organic traffic and leads.

Check out Clickbank for affiliate offers.

Traffic, traffic and more traffic!

Quality paid traffic, or more specific, leads, is the key to selling your product or service online but this can get expensive. The best way is to begin with paid traffic (see more about paid traffic here) and simultaneously use free traffic methods. Make sure the product you are promoting warrants paid traffic.  If it costs you $1.00 per click and the product only sells for $7, of which you get 75%, it may not be worth it unless you make a lot of sales. You will have to asses that part yourself to determine if the return on investment is worth it.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote any product and make money online. It’s all a matter how you approach people. No one wants to be harassed or solicited, especially online. There are lots of ways to make a sale but the best way it to not tray at all. If that doesn’t make sense to you check out this sales training website HERE

Now it’s your turn

You can also have a piece of the action if you stop asking yourself

“ How can I make money online”

and take action and start making money online. Start today and have fun with it. If you need ideas where to start visit my page that explains just how I do it.

Whatever it takes. (The mindset to make money online)

The Mind Set To Make Money Online

I’ve learned that if you really want something, like starting an online business or to make money online, you will make it happen no matter what. It’s hard for me to be sympathetic when people tell me they want to do what I do and make money online but then follow up with an excuse why they can’t. I usually bite my tongue and offer encouragement but I can’t help but think “this person has no idea who I am or what I’ve been through”.

I reached that point

My actual bank statement

My actual bank statement

Sometimes you have to hit bottom, I hope you don’t take that route. I remember the day I made the decision to really up my game in internet marketing and start making money online. I was going through a divorce that wrecked me emotionally, I was severely depressed, I was trying to run a brick and mortar business that was failing, it took every bit of energy out of me and I was broke. Like really broke. I remember eating mustard and bread sandwiches for days and being in my house in the summer without the air conditioner in 90+ degree heat. But I was determined to make it make it. Because I believed in myself.

Building my online business

I did everything it took to build my online business, I cut every luxury out of my life like TV and eating out, I sold my possessions and even started selling plasma to buy paid traffic. I would lie in that bed with others that were down and out selling their plasma with a tube in my arm watching my body fluids leave my body. The entire time, I did it with pride because I knew I was going to make it no matter what. I had hit that point.

Now it’s your turn!

My Current Bank Statement

My Current Bank Statement

You can make money online! You can make money from home! If you put your mind and energy too it. That’s your missing, do whatever it takes, hit your point. Or you can continue to make excuses or feel sorry for yourself for your lack of success. While you sit there and don’t take action for whatever reason remember this, no one gives a shit if you make it or not. As a matter of fact, the hatters are betting on you failing. Let that sink in because it’s true.

If being an internet marketer and making money online is your goal, whether you join my opportunities or not, take action right now! Do something today. Take action right this second or you will continue to make excuses, trust me I’ve been there.

To your success with making money online!

Make Money Online Internet Marketing

Make Money Online Internet Marketing

Make Money Online Internet Marketing

If you ever wanted to make money online internet marketing it has never been easier with today’s techniques. The Internet has become an important source of earning money. Each year, billions of dollars are paid to the internet marketers. Every year since 2008 over $2 billion is paid to internet marketers. Affiliate marketing is probably the most common form of internet marketing. The basic idea behind internet affiliate marketing is to promote an affiliate offer with paid or free traffic for a set commission. Once you master the traffic to a specific item or website the idea is to replicate what you have done and start promoting multiple offers. Some people do this part-time some full-time. Its depends on your commitment level or your ability to succeed with making money online internet marketing.

Own a website

The first step of affiliate marketing is to become a member to website like Clickbank or individual internet opportunities. You can also create your own website if you are good at it. Even if you have little knowledge of website making you can still make your own for free or at very cheap rates using services such as GoDaddy or Google Web Services.

Opting a single product or service

Affiliate marketers have a wide range of products and services to choose when it comes to the initiative of such a marketing technique. Now a days, starting from simple stationery items to the well-furnished homes, anything can be chosen as the main field of internet marketing. Try to choose such a field in which you have a strong grip or you are good at.

Find the people in need

Once you have opted your product or service, the next step is to start finding the customers who want to market their products or services. There are many websites as well which offer services of making connections of affiliated marketers with the customers in need such as Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing structure

Once you have done all that, the next step is to select the affiliate marketing structure for your website. It can either be resource site on which a number of “how to articles” are posted along with additional links in the end or it can be the “review articles” which can guide the readers on deciding whether to buy the specific product or not.

Attracting traffic on website

After selecting the suitable structure of the website, the next step is to attract a lot of traffic to your website. It can be done by paid advertising, free advertising, article marketing or e-mail marketing. The paid marketing is the most effective form of generating traffic since it assures specific amount of traffic on the website the money visitors get paid.

Make Money Online Internet Marketing

Brows my site for other ways to make money online internet marketing.

Ways to make Money Online with Internet Marketing

Have you been looking for ways to make money online with internet marketing? Technology places the world at our fingertips, from instant access to emails, messages and news alerts to online shopping, the eBook industry, and so many ways to connect with people, new and old. But the competition for attention grows increasingly fierce, as so many distracted consumers and clients are hooked on social media. Out of this new challenge was born internet marketing: a brand new marketing strategy that makes use of the tools like Facebook, Twitter, email, and other web resources that once inhibited business progress:

Internet marketing encompasses advertising and promotion strategies that capitalize on the many devices of the ever-expanding internet, making them savvy methods of appealing to consumers and clients who, like much of the world, spend hours online. Marketing on the web is a valuable asset, because it often allows for more creativity and affordability, and brings businesses up to date with technology and communication trends to reach a whole new audience.

Capitalizing on the Social Media Sphere

Fledgling businesses don’t always have lots of money to spend on marketing and advertising, making internet marketing an especially valuable strategy in the early stages of promotion. Because so many social media services are completely free, they open up a whole new world of affordable marketing strategies for businesses, blogs, and websites.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Digg are just some of the many popular networking sites that keep people connected to each other, current events, and new trends. All of these mediums have the potential to host creative and dynamic content to promote a business, blog, website, or service. From photo galleries and videos of previous projects and local celebrity endorsements to frequent updates on new features and milestones, the culture of social media prompts businesses to use tools that will appeal to users who are accustomed to instantly-gratifying content that catches their eye and is easy to understand. Gone are the days of long, text-heavy informational articles, and social media allows businesses to post short, quick, and attractive.

An important aspect of successful internet marketing is building a solid foundation of regular followers, subscribers, and readers. This is achieved by regularly posting new and dynamic content, like videos, status updates, photos, and interacting with followers by replying to their comments or liking their posts. Staying active on social media will help promote content such as newsletters and special offers that might often get delivered to spam when sent via email, and is also a good way to gauge customer interest on various topics. Posts that receive an unusually high number of hits or likes should be analyzed and repeated, while unpopular content should be noted and removed. Social media’s free services include the effective tool of instantly observing reaction and feedback, which is helpful to a growing business in an age of quick progress.

Staying in Touch: Keep it Personal with Email

The vastness of social media can often make a business seem out of touch with its consumers, who may desire more intimate communication that makes them feel acknowledged and understood. Internet marketing also encompasses strategies that allows for direct contact with clients and consumers, such as age-old reliable email. But it isn’t as simple as sending a blast advertisement or message to regular consumers. Email can be used to build loyalty, trust, awareness, request business, and even solicit dales or donations.

The first question is “who do you email?” Many websites and vendors sell and rent targeted email lists to help businesses expand their reach. Your existing email list will include only opt-in contacts, who are people that have signed up to receive updates, newsletters, and special offers via email. Opt-in customers also include recent customers or people who created accounts on your website and agreed to receive correspondence. But how do you reach a new audience? Paid email lists are the answer. These lists are compiled by vendors who collect emails via surveys, industry trade shows, program registrations, and many other ways, which can result in wealth of contacts for a business in need of a boost. These are “non-opt-in” email lists, which mean these people have provided their address to a third party and have no idea which business or website is buying it. But the benefit is that they’ve signed up to receive notifications that are relevant to their interests and trade, so when you buy or rent an email list specifically tailored to your message or content, you will be reaching out to people who are interested in your business. This brand of direct emailing should be reserved for catalogs of products, announcements of special offers, and appealing promotional messages that will entice a new customer.

There are potential risks to using paid email lists such as these. Using a purchase list is considered a violation of ISP and email client guidelines, which can impede message delivery to inboxes. Email clients such as Google Yahoo use filters to protect their customers from spam, which is bad news for interne marketers who are simply trying to increase their reach. The bounce rate is very high, and oftentimes, emails will get flagged as spam, go directly to junk mailboxes, and are never read. Most people simply delete messages when they do not recognize the sender, which defeats the purpose of attempting to build new professional relationships online. To avoid poor return of investment on these lists, consider renting from a less expensive vendor, rather than buying. The best way to avoid the downfalls of using paid lists is to employ strategies that grow one’s own lists instead of soliciting the contacts of complete strangers. Creating sign up forms on websites, offering special deals if customers provide their email address, and repeatedly reminding those who have not confirmed their email will increase an existing base, and even though it takes more time than an already-complete list of people, it will be more effective in the long run.

When dealing directly with existing customers and clients, transactional emails are the most common form of communication, also known to internet marketers as “relationship messages”. The primary purpose of these emails is to complete or confirm transactions and tasks that have already been agreed upon. This includes things like password resetting, purchase or order confirmation details, receipts, etc. But these transactional messages can also be used as valuable opportunity to encourage further relations with customers, by working in surveys, promotional messages and coupons, brief updates and previews to future projects and products, and promotion of related content. These emails are not only the backbone of business dealings, but also reinforce the image of a company or website, and help foster loyalty and security.

With the domination of smartphone technology and instant communication, there is particular modern emphasis on mobile email marketing, which quickly and effectively captures the attention of users with both volume and range. Smartphones allow people to have instant access to multiple email accounts that each serve unique purposes, ranging from personal and home life needs to business interests and professional networking. Mobile email marketing obligates businesses to take these filters into consideration and create multiple versions of the same email advertisement, promotion, or newsletter so that they appeal to very specific audiences. Only the most relevant details are presented to potential clients and customers, making this a “pull” internet market strategy, rather than a “push” strategy.

Search Engine Optimization: Become a Google Search Celebrity

From business owners to bloggers, everyone imagines someday having their website show up at the top of a Google search result. That’s how you know you’ve made it, in the age of internet marketing and promotion. But how does this dream become a reality? Three words: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of drawing traffic to a website by using the right words and phrases, in addition to some other clever tricks, to improve a site’s search engine ranking.

Meta tags are the fastest and easiest way to increase a website or blog’s search engine ranking. These tags are simple “coding statements” that label and describe the contents of a web page, allowing Google and other search engines to efficiently sort and categorize results for their users. Meta tags should be keywords or concise descriptive sentences that list the words or phrases that best describe the content of a page or post without being too specific. For example, a post about your recent photo expedition in London might have the meta tags “England”, “travel photography”, and “Great Britain”.

Descriptive sentences come in handy for internet users who have a very specific idea of what they’re looking for. Someone might type in the search terms “international roof design” and the website “” will appear in their results. But this website might seem vague and unhelpful unless it is followed up by a description, such as “Photographs of unique roof designs observed around the world by globe trekker Bob Smith.” When this tantalizing description is displayed under the website name by a search engine, it will entice users to click on that website, because they’re already been given a little preview.

SEO isn’t just keywords and labels. It’s also about location, location, location. Using a blog or website hosting site with a free account is a cheap approach to the internet market that will never push a business or blog to success. Not only does it prevent the use of SEO strategies, but it gives paying customers an edge over the generic sites that don’t allow a custom web address and design. A web address that includes the host site’s name, such as “Typepad” or “Wordpress” is less likely to be taken seriously by internet users and a search engine filter. Maintaining a unique appearance is an essential aspect of internet marketing that requires constant maintenance and innovation, but is effective in drawing traffic based on first impressions and face value alone. Content should be fresh, original, and timely, because search engine filters analyze things like post frequency, backlinks, traffic, and more. Layouts should be dynamic, eye-catching, and supplemented with photographs, videos, links to external resources, and advertisements that boost revenue and create good business connections.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

All these terms like “SEO” and “meta tag” can be intimidating for a first-time internet marketer. But the internet is an effective tool not only for marketing, but also for education. Tech-savvy gurus are catching onto the fact that businesses want to use the internet to reach new audiences, and are offering their expertise to willing students all over the world with just the click of a mouse. Online courses on internet marketing and newsletters by experts are a valuable resource for those looking for pointers and advice. Many of these services are free, and are more practical than investing in textbooks and personal advisors. Using the internet to learn about the internet is a smart, effective, and sensible approach. One benefit to internet marketing is that it is a versatile tool: a team of hired professionals can be responsible for the tasks of social media, outreach, PR, and advertising, but this doesn’t mean that an individual person cannot master these strategies on their own.

Make Connections at the Internet Market

Using the internet as a primary marketing tool can feel isolating and overwhelming, as the options are many and their execution can be confusing for people who are accustomed to traditional promotional strategies, like print and face to face contact. But online business owner should not fear, because they are not alone. The rise of internet marketing has prompted the creation of official associations that aim to provide knowledge-sharing platforms for professionals to learn, teach, engage, and connect. These groups, such as the Internet Marketing Association formed in 2001, accrue databases of members belonging to various fields, including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, and creative development. It is a helpful resource to join these groups and share ideas about internet marketing as the industry continues to evolve and change the world’s very definition of business.

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME (tips to make money from home)

Have you every dreamed of the freedom of being self employed or ways to making money from home? Now you can now start making money from the comfort of your home with some or all of the following tips. Gone are the days when you had to struggle both mentally and physically to earn a living. The advent of technology has seen more people make money from home than ever before. Previously, most people had to report to their work stations almost every day. Physical presence was the only way an employer could ensure that employees work. However, the tide has changed, and physical presence is no longer the only way to ensure that work is done.

Below are some ways you can use to make money from home.



Affiliate Marketing

Companies and individuals recruit Affiliate Marketers interested in making money from home to sell their products and services on a commission base. There are many online products and services you can choose from. Find your niche or products that best represent you and your interests and start making money. You can find affiliate offers to promote on websites such as ClickBank and JVzoo.  These companies have a great reputation when it comes to payment, customer support, online products and services.

Playing Online Games

Play to earn. Some mobile gaming companies such as Game Loot provide monetary rewards to gamers when you join their game ambassador program. If you are a gaming enthusiast, this can be a good way to make money from home while enjoying your game.


Play games and make money from home

Downloading Apps

Some web companies will pay you to download and install their apps on your phone. They will also pay you for every month that you keep the apps installed on your phone. The function of the apps is to gather data from your phone and to send it to the app companies to help them understand how people use mobile and web services. Data gathered from the app can tell the company how long people use the internet and the most visited websites. The companies can then improve the apps by the data collected.

Some of these apps include SavvyConnect, MobileExpressions for iPhones and SmartPanel.

Starting an Online Business

With increasing technological advancement, more people are turning to the internet to purchase items and transact business. Online shopping and delivery have overtaken the traditional shopping from physical stores. You can start almost any online business and make good money, right from the comfort of your home. Most online stores have many customers because online users are increasing by the day. Besides, most online businesses deliver the products to the customers’ doorstep.

Starting a Blog

Just like online businesses, blogs came about as a result of the advent of technology. Bloggers make money from selling private adverts on the blog, selling membership, product endorsements, allowing links from other websites on the blog, selling digital products and selling exclusive content. An example is a food blog that sells recipes to users at a small cost.

The beauty about blogging is that it is very cheap to start, anyone can start it, and the topic or theme of the blog can be anything. There are no restrictions. Guide to starting a blog.


If you are a writer, editor, journalist or any other professional, you can make money from your home as a freelancer. Freelancing has become a lucrative venture that many people use to make good money. There are many websites that link thousands of employers to employees such as Upwork and Freelancer. There are many jobs on offer, and one can make this a full-time job. You just have to register with the website, bid for the jobs and start making money.

Taking Part in Surveys

Get paid to answer a few questions about some products during an online survey. There are companies that pay people to participate in surveys, answering questions about consumer products. Some companies might also be undertaking product testing, and they may need people to answer a few questions about the product and the process.  Some of these companies include Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, OneOpinion, and InboxDollars.

Online Tutoring

You can use your professional knowledge to give private tuition from your home. This can be a good way to earn money and make use of your skills while at home. You just have to adjust your schedule to fit your daily routine.

Watching Television

Some television channels pay you for watching their shows and answering simple questions about the shows. An example is RewardTV.

Data Entry

You can earn money by using your quick and accurate typing skills for data entry. Sites like Upwork or Craigslist have many data entry jobs that you can do while at home. Telecommuting makes the whole process smooth and efficient.

Website Testing

Some new websites will pay you to click around and test it. One can get up to $30 an hour. Websites dedicated to new site testing include User Testing and Fiverr.

Virtual Assistant

Some people are so busy with their work schedules that they need an assistant to take care of several duties. Your work as a virtual assistant might involve answering calls, responding to emails and planning travel plans for the employer. One can earn as high as $100 per hour, depending on the earning level of the employer. Upwork and Zurtual are some of the sites where you can find virtual assistant jobs.

Rating Pizza

Some pizza outlets will pay you to rate the quality of service that they offer. As a mystery shopper, you may be required to go to any of their outlets and evaluate the time taken to have the pizza delivered, the quality of the pizza and anything else that touches on the quality of service.

Check your local pizza house to see if the offer pizza rating.

Part-time Bookkeeping

You can earn a lot of money working from home as a part-time bookkeeper. You will help owners of businesses to tackle real challenges in the business world and also gain valuable experience in matters business.

Losing Weight

Sounds fun right? You can lose to gain and make extra money. A company called Skinny Body Care has amazing weight lose products and allows members to join their company and become online distributors. They have a great compensation plan and pay directly to your bank account every week.

Some websites give you the chance to lose weight and earn money from home. All you have to do is place a weight target to be achieved within a certain duration, say a month. You then place a bet for this. If you achieve the target, you win the money that was staked against your target. Apart from this, some reality TV shows offer huge rewards for participating in their weight reduction programs. After the show comes to an end, whoever will have shed the most weight gets rewarded.

Opening a Savings Account

There are banks that offer clients as much as $250 for opening a savings account. You can use this method to make extra income without struggling too much. If you are thinking of saving for your vacation or education, opening separate accounts would be ideal.

Participating in Medical Tests

Helping medical practitioners to find remedies for some illnesses might earn you money. For example, some doctors might need people to take part in sleep tests at home. If you are suffering from conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism or migraines, doctors may pay you to take part in medical testing related to that specific illness.

Surfing the Internet

You can get paid by using some search engines such as Yahoo. Companies such as Swagbucks pay you every time you make searches using Yahoo. You will also get $5 for signing up.

Fixing Search Results

The searches that are generated by search engines are not always right. They usually have errors. Despite using complex algorithms to determine the results, it needs manual correction to make the searches accurate and useful to the users. You will be required to assess the usefulness, relevance, and quality of the searches. Several companies offer this, and you can do the work while at home.

Working for Amazon

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers several tasks that require human input. You may be required to judge the tone of an article, translate a passage or assess the audience suitability of an article.

Baby Sitting

You can earn money by babysitting kids at your home for parents who are too busy at work. If you have small kids, it becomes even better. Parents can pay a lot of money to have you mind their kids. You can get in touch with parents in your neighborhood.

Selling Old Books

You may have many books at home that you no longer use. They could be old college books or novels, and they can give you some cash to use for your grocery shopping. Many websites give you the opportunity to sell old books because many others need them., Ebay, and Amazon all buy old books. Just search for the sites that buy the books and select one that offers the best deal.

Sell Your Video Games, CDs, and Electronics

That stash of DVDs or CDs gathering dust on your shelf might be worth some bucks. Sites like Decluttr will buy old DVDs and CDs from you at a good price. You will make money and free up some space at home. You can also discard your old iPods, mobile phones, and game consoles and make money doing so.

Selling Smartphone Photos

You can make money from the photos on your smartphone. All you need is a keen photographic eye and a good smartphone. A company like Foap will buy the photos and help you to make money from them. Every time someone uses the photos, you earn some money. If your photos are really good, you can earn a lot of money for an activity that took you less than five minutes.

Maintaining Fan Pages

You can run the official page of a celebrity and earn money. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites are used by celebrities to connect with their fans. If you become an admin of a celebrity’s page, you can earn money while at home.

Walking Pets

In some neighborhoods, pet owners pay people to walk their dogs and cats. If you have some free time, you can spend a few minutes walking around parks and neighborhoods, taking pets out for a walk.

Selling Trash

Old wine bottles, comics and magazines could earn you some money. You don’t have to throw them away because some companies buy junk and turn it into useful items. Old bottles and cans can be recycled, old magazines and comics can be sold to people online and packing boxes can be sold as second-hand goods. You need to know what items to sell from your junk.

Renting Out Your Apartment

When you travel out of town, you can rent out your apartment for that duration. It is a brilliant way to make money without a lot of hassle. One website that you can use for this is Airbnb. You can rent out your entire home or just a single room. The website provides guidelines to follow. You may also want to ensure the safety of your house and items for the time that you allow someone else to use your house.

Pet Massage

It may sound weird, but cats and dogs enjoy massage just as much as humans. You can become a pet masseuse and earn as much as $50 per hour.

Online Focus Groups

Companies use focus groups to discuss market dynamics and trends that impact on their products. People come together and discuss on better ways to position products, adverts and other items provided by companies. Formal focus groups can earn you more money. You will also get paid more for staying longer at the focus group meeting. An example of a website that deals with professional focus groups is ProOpinion.

Home Daycare

You can start a home day care in your house. You might require certification from the necessary authorities, and you will be good to go. Home daycares are usually preferred over corporate ones because the number of children is less and therefore, more attention for the kids.

Review Items

Earn money by writing review articles on a wide range of stuff. There are requirements for each review which may take a short time to write.

Writing Slogans

Use your creative skills to make money from home by writing catchy corporate taglines, slogans, and jingles. If you can summarize a product in just a single sentence, or can add a witty remark on a product, then this may be your way of making extra cash at home. Several websites are involved in slogan writing, especially fro freelancers where they get paid for the best slogan. Try Slogan Slingers, Freelancer or Get a Slogan and start making money from your creativity.

Company Branding

You can use your creativity to make money from home by helping companies name their businesses. The cost o f a professional brander might be too high for small businesses. They may decide to crowdsource an appropriate name for their business, and this calls for creativity and some branding knowledge. The websites dedicated to this service run naming contests where people are invited to take part. Te best names are selected for the company name. and are examples of these websites.

Energy Saving

Some cities like California pay their residents to turn off the lights to save energy for at least one hour in a week. Residents sync their utility accounts to a program which helps them to save on energy bills. In Cali you can make money from while you sleep.

Selling Crafts

If you can create crafts, you can now sell them online thus making extra money from home. You don’t require a professional crafts room because you can make your crafts at home and put them on sale online through such websites like Etsy.

Renting Your Parking Space

If you don’t use your parking space during the day, you can rent it out. Websites like Craigslist can help you to make money from home and your parking space when you are not using it.